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Automated, integrated, cloud-based solutions for the international freight transportation and warehousing industries.

Delivering efficiency and increasing productivity with automated, integrated, cloud-based solutions for the international freight transportation and warehousing industries.


Ocean and Air CFS Managers

Our Ocean and Air CFS applications were built – and are continuously updated- specifically for bonded warehouses handling inbound containers, inbound air freight and in-bond freight. Featuring seamless data integration, electronic filing with Customs and Border protection, and real-time views into cargo status, the advanced functionality of our Cargo Manager Warehousing applications are just what you need to operate efficiently and effectively in a global economy.

Ocean and Air CFS Managers
Air Export Manager

Ocean and Air Export Managers

Developed specifically to address challenges for warehouses handling outbound containers and/or outbound air freight, our Ocean and Air Export applications are fully integrated with mobile devices to provide maximum anytime, anywhere, connectivity for our users. This means insight into lot receiving, loading confirmation, and barcode scanning are right in the palm of your hand. To reduce paperwork and drive back-office productivity, these applications interface directly with the Cargo Manager’s accounts receivable capabilities. Our real-time online interface provides cargo status 24/7, reducing time-wasting inquiries into your supply chain.


Trucking Software Manager

An end-to-end solution for managing your local trucking operations, our application delivers increased visibility and access into all phases of your 18-wheeled (or smaller) freight movers. Our flexible and scalable application is designed to manage freight transported into the warehouse, delivered to the consignee, or to the steamship line. We help you deliver increased customer service via web interface to request pickup/delivery, monitor status, and print POD. And, of course, it all interfaces with the Cargo Manager accounts receivable software to keep your back office operating at optimum levels.

Trucking Software Manager
Public Storage Manager

Public Storage Manager

Our public storage application is optimized for use by warehouses which maintain inventory on a pallet level, and gives you the level of granularity you need to deliver the service levels your customers demand. Our application was specifically designed to address the unique management challenges presented by the business need to monitor and move freight across multiple warehouses, with multiple customers, each with multiple items. The whole application talks directly with Cargo Manager accounts receivable software to reduce billing issues, and a waste-of-the-art Web interface means that customers can enter release orders and view inventory in real time.


General Order Manager

You can now quickly and easily capture freight and devanning information, generate all necessary forms and ease release of freight to truckers and consignees with Cargo Manager’s General Order application. Seamlessly interfacing with the Cargo Manager accounts receivable software, you can gain a competitive edge when you use this application to meet the demands of a General Order facility, as defined by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. From forms generation and inventory management, to regulatory reports production and automated billing, this is the one application you need to handle General Orders requirements.

General Order Manager
Customs Exam Station Manager

Customs Exam Station Manager

Allocate resources more effectively and deliver superb customer service, as you move your freight smoothy through the C.E.S. system. With Customs Exam Station Manager, you can efficiently handle forms generation, inventory management, reports production, and automated billing.


Accounting Software

Increased Transparency and Integration Ensures Improved Accounting Workflows

The Cargo Manager Systems Accounting Software delivers:

Accounts Receivable

Manage invoices and payments processed through any of the Cargo Manager Systems software modules and generate customer statements, aging reports, sales journals, and cash journals.

Accounts Payable

Enter vouchers and schedule payments. Print checks, aging reports, check reconciliation, and custom reports.

General Ledger

Maintain the chart of accounts, create journal entries, print detail and summary G.L. reports. Create and run special custom reports.

Profit and Loss

Enter estimated expenses, compare estimated vs actual expenses, post estimated expenses to the general ledger.

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Online Availability

Developed specifically to interface with CMS’s warehousing applications, our online availability helps you deliver previously unattainable service levels. Customers can display the status of their shipments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including charges from warehouses, as well as any required documents such as freight release, customs release, and the clearing of Customs holds. It also provides the facility for approved customers to enter the Freight Release and/or to guarantee charges online. Approved customers also have the ability to view pictures and/or attachments uploaded to a file or lot.

Online Availability

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